BASIC is Berlin-based duo Maddalena Zampitelli and Juan Pablo de Lucca. They create worlds using every-day technology, ranging from the introspective and calm to the pleasant and sour. BASIC explores different aesthetics and uses live improvisation to create -each time - a new performance.

Maddalena Zampitelli is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Naples, Italy. She studied Media and Communication and her works are influenced by a variety of other artistic disciplines: cinema, painting and dance, among others. Maddalena dabbles in the world of digital art and video production collaborating with other artists in a variety of artistic projects.

Juan Pablo de Lucca is a pianist and composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He actively tours with El Muro Tango and produces electronic music. Juan Pablo has released music in tango, electronic and classical music; solo and in collaboration with other artists. 

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